Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe

Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe


April 16, 2020

Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s chief provincial health officer, has become a household name and folk hero (with a song dedicated to her service!) over the past few weeks as she calmly delivers tragic news concerning new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and death tolls.

She’s gained admiration for her positive, informational and realistic manner of helping us to understand that we *will* flatten the curve and eventually crush this virus if we all practice physical distancing and stay at home.

Dr. Henry Shoe

John Fluevog is also an admirer: “At times like these, we’re so fortunate to have someone who is calm and comforting but direct, and positive but realistic, informing and educating us day to day. We always like to find ways to help, and to highlight those who are doing good in our world. To hear about and see that our admiration for Dr. Henry was mutual was just a beautiful cherry on top of an already great idea sundae.”

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