Five Ways to Become Closer with Social Distancing

Five Ways to Become Closer with Social Distancing

By:  Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP and Pamela Crooke, PhD, CCC-SLP

Social distancing does not need to drive us apart. In fact, it provides us all the more reason to relate to one another in this ever-changing social world.

All people worldwide, who are tuned in and aware of what’s happening with the COVID-19 pandemic, are experiencing similar but somewhat different problems to solve based on how it is impacting them, their families, and friends. It’s triggering frazzled emotions as all of us experience our carefully made plans and visions for our near-future rapidly changing; it’s as if our crystal ball for imagining what will be happening in the coming weeks just cracked. We are going through different versions of the same experience, and that serves as the basis of connection to each other. It’s happening now—in grocery store lines, gas stations, and offices –all around our social world. As one of my employees recently commented, “There’s nothing like a pandemic to bring us together!”

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