How Safe is Online Shopping?

How Safe is Online Shopping?

With the advent of the new Caronavirus, many people are wondering if it's safe to shop online.  I've been wondering that myself so decided to do a little research and I'd like to pass along some links for you to check out so you can make your own decision.  

CBS News - No you won't contract caronavirus from a package you receive in the mail

Washington Post - Go ahead and open that package from China. Coronavirus doesn’t spread by mail. 

Mercury News - Can I get coronavirus from a package delivered from China? Why your new purchase won’t make you sick

World health Organization says it's safe to receive packages from China

So, although I'm not going to recommend whether or not you should shop online, everything I've read suggests that the novel caronavirus does not survive well on packages sent through the mail.  Please do your research and If you decide that you want to shop online, please know that the Design Life Boutique is open for business!  

My thoughts are with you and your families and friends as we all go through this difficult time together!  Stay safe and remember to WASH YOUR HANDS AND DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE!


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