Reach Out and Touch Someone

Reach Out and Touch Someone

We're so excited to be introducing the new Friendship Lamp by Filimin to the Design Life Boutique.  These unique lamps not only have a beautiful, minimalist design, they have the added benefit of allowing you to tell someone you are thinking about them.  

How is this possible, you might be asking yourself?  Good question!  By taking advantage of cutting edge technology and the internet, with just a simple touch to your lamp, you can change the colour of your friend or loved-one's lamp.  They will know instantly that you are thinking of them. They can then touch their own lamp and the colour of your lamp will instantly change.  

By combining the power of touch and the emotion of colour with cutting edge technology, you can literally stay in "touch" with those you love from a distance.  

You can find your own set of Friendship Lamps in the Lighting department of the boutique.  

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