Drink Tea Read Books Be Happy-Father’s Day Gift-Hand stamped Spoon-Mom Birthday Gift-Best Selling Item-Personalized Spoon-Dad Birthday Gift

$14.99 USD

Drink tea, read books, be happy.  Enough said!   Available as either a teaspoon or tablespoon. 

Since each spoon is made by hand, please allow for small variances in letter spacing/placement etc. 

The ink used is food safe but not permanent. It's dishwasher safe; however, hand washing will make the ink last much longer. The engraving will remain FOREVER.



The Maker

Jason LeBreux

Jason is a limo driver and while he's waiting for his clients to return to the car, he makes things! As Jason says, "...basically anything I can make while sitting around that doesn't require a lot of space or tools, I'll make".  

We're so happy to welcome Jason to the boutique and hope to carry many more of his unique creations in the near future!