About Design Life

Does your heart beat a little bit faster when you spy the perfect necklace with the exact shade of blue you’ve been looking for all month?  Or maybe it’s when you discover that luxurious Christmas stocking that you just know will look perfect hanging from your mantle this year?

If you’re like me you love surrounding yourself with unique things that are beautiful and well-designed? 

Whether it’s for my house, my kitchen or my closet, I have always loved discovering things that I just can’t find anywhere else.  My appreciation for well-designed things comes from my enduring love of design and the process of creativity.  

Over the years I have worked as a glass fusing artist, an interior designer, a graphic designer and an instructional designer.  Notice a theme here?  I have also created a line of luxury Christmas stockings which I sell in my design shop, Sassy Class Studio.  

In fact, Sassy Class is what led me to create the Design Life Boutique.  As much as I love designing and creating my luxury Christmas stockings, I wanted to be able to offer beautiful items to my customers year-round and so, the Design Life Boutique was born. 

Products for the boutique are sometimes selected because their design is a perfect blend of form and function.  At other times a product may be selected purely for its aesthetic beauty.  From one-of-a-kind, artisan-made originals to small-run manufactured pieces, if it’s well-designed, beautiful and unique, there’s a good chance I’ll probably fall in love with it and include it in the store.  

Because of my history as an artisan and designer, I have a special interest in showcasing and promoting artisans.  To do this, I will be featuring a different artist in every edition of my bi-weekly newsletter so you can get to know more about the person (or people) who worked so hard to create the beautiful pieces here in the Design Life Boutique.