Giving Back

We believe it's important to help others and at The Design Life Boutique we've found a way to give back. With every purchase you make we will donate $1 to the featured charity of the month. This month we'll be donating to The Sotos Syndrome Support Association

The SSSA is a support group for parents who have children born with Sotos Syndrome. Here is an excerpt from their website:

Sotos syndrome is a genetic condition causing physical overgrowth during the first years of life. Children with Sotos syndrome are often taller, heavier, and have larger heads than their peers. Because of the distinctive head shape and size, Sotos syndrome is sometimes called cerebral gigantism. Ironically, this rapid physical development is often accompanied by delayed motor, cognitive and social development. Muscle tone is low, and speech is markedly impaired.

By purchasing the items you love to live with you will also be helping us to help others in need. If you have a favorite charity you would like us to consider supporting in the future, please let us know and we'll consider adding them to our list for future donations


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