Stainless Steel Ice Cubes - Reusable Chilling Stones. Keep Your Drink Colder, Longer

$24.99 USD

Impatient for that new bottle of white wine to chill?  Here's the solution!  Never worry about diluted drinks again with our sleek, modern stainless steel "ice cubes".  This is truly where form meets function!

These highly stylish stainless steel "ice cubes" are a sleek alternative to traditional ice cubes and give your drinks an even longer-lasting chill. Simply store them in your freezer until ready for use and get instant chilling! 

This is the perfect gift for the hard-to-buy-for man on your list who enjoys his drink "on the rocks" but doesn't want to have the flavour watered down by melting ice cubes.  




Material:  non toxic gel; stainless steel

Size:  1 inch square

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